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Dr. Ross Greene - Collaborative Problem Solving

Dr. Ross Greene from BlogTalk Radio

We know that many of you enjoy listening to Dr. Ross Greene's radio programs through our website. For this reason we are letting you know that we have upgraded the media players for the parent and the educator programs. We hope that this will resolve any issues some may have had with being unable to access the programs.

For more information on Dr. Ross Greene, his Collaborative Problem Solving method of helping kids with behavior challenges, or to get personalized help, please visit his website, Lives in the Balance. You will find the links to his call-in radio programs here also.

Trouble Finding Something?

We've noticed that some people have been unable to find the things that they were searching for. So, we're going to help you out by telling you where these items are.

One thing to keep in mind is that, on our Resources page, all sections are alphabetical regardless of type. For instance, you will see China, College, and Colorado in that order. So whatever type of thing you're looking for, that's how you'll find it.

Most Recent Things Searched for but not Found

1. Clock face worksheet - this is on the Resources page in the Kids-Educational section. It's titled 'printableclock.jpg.' This clock worked so well for my son with Asperger's! I think because the hands match the area they tell the time of.

2. Wyoming Asperger's camp - these happened to not be listed. Sorry about that! Here is what we have.

Camp Carpe Diem - this usually runs at the beginning of summer, so you'll have to apply immediately!

Wyoming Autism Camp - this camp runs late in the summer, but you should still apply asap.

3. Asperger's language arts - all of the educational resources that have helped my child with Asperger's learn are listed in the Kids-Educational section. Most of this is language arts, science, and math but there are other miscellaneous helpful resources as well. It's definitely worth checking that section out.

We hope this helps. :o)

My Club WY

A new club for kids with behavior challenges and their siblings!

My Club WY is now starting in Rawlins, WY and will serve kids in Rawlins as well as Sinclair and Saratoga, WY.

For more information on My Club WY, visit the website HERE.

If you live in the area and would like to participate, go to the Sign Up tab on the My Club WY site and sign the kids up. Once we have a few kids, we will schedule our first activity, which will be geocaching....YAY!

This will be a free outing for all ages that involves walking.

1 in 50

The Centers for Disease Control estimates that 1 in 50 school children have been diagnosed with some form of Autism in 2011-2012.

View the CDC report HERE.
(This is a PDF download from the CDC website, so it is presumed safe.)